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Drama at the Sacred Desk
DRAMA: Basic Training
Powerful, exciting, moving monologues are only an e-mail away!

Now being translated into the Philippino language (Cebuanese) for a drama training mission by Sheer Joy! Ministries, DRAMA AT THE SACRED DESK by evangelist/dramatist James R. Adams, is available to you for personal or group study!
This is the book used by Brother Adams' as he trains individual Christian drama and serves as the syllabus for the course. It contains two BONUS monologues ready to put you into the ministry of drama on stage!


"Christian drama, while as old as the proverbial hills, has only recently begun to enjoy a renewal of interest from the pulpits of America...and that is an exciting and wonderful renewal! From lay actor to full-time minister, readers will find within this book a wealth of information for thier chosen drama ministry. The author has spent more than 30 years bringing Bible characters to vivid, moving and touching life for congregations around the nation...he shares his unique ministry, pointing the way to the possibilities of an exciting and refreshing new ministry. In the pages of this book is the wisdom of three decades heaped up, shaken together and compacted into easy-to-understand language. From this inspiring book, you will learn... * how to select feasible characters for effective portrayal
* how to research and study these characters to ascertain believable traits
* how to live with the characters in order to know them more intimately
* how to get motivated to bring life to oyur chosen characters for dramatization
* how to write effective, dramatic, exciting, moving monologues
* how to `become' the character you want to portray...and much more!"


"For more than thirty years, James R. Adams has ministered to thousands around the globe with his old-fashioned brand of preaching the Gospel. During those years, he added a dimension which brought him acclaim as an actor-evangelist. He discovered a way of presenting the Gospel which was, for many years, unique - and remains unforgettable i.e. costumed dramatic readings. No one who hears and sees his portrayals can forget his stirring rendition of such notables as Pontius Pilate, Judas Iscariot, Barabbas, Jairus, Thomas, the Centurion or King Herod. Thirty-six distinct personalities have made thier way in to the pen and onto the page - and ultimately onto the stage - under the talented hand of this former award-winning newspaper and magazine editor. Now a fulltime freelance writer and evangelist, he has written and published inspirational books of characters for dramatization. Adams now travels extensively in his dramatic, costumed appearances (readings) of these Biblical characters in churches, schools, nursing homes and civic organizations. He is also avaialble for workshops and seminars dealing with individual Christian drama."

ONLY $10 plus $1.50 S/H to:

5502 Murphy Road
Pink Hill, NC 28572
or click and purchase!

You can also order DRAMA AT THE SACRED DESK as an E-Book! Click Here for Brother Jim's e-books!


I, BETHLEHEM: Monologues (30 minute)from those surrounding the birth of Jesus. Great for Christmas time. $10 + $2.00 S/H.

I, GOLGOTHA: Monologues (30 minute) from those surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. GREAT ALL the time! $10 + $2.00 S/H.


MYSTERY OF THE EAGLES EYE: Youth Adventure book for ages 7-15...available as an e-book for download right now!
Go get it!!
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