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All smiles for a special bear!

Friends help me tag bears!

Bears Anonymous
The Worth of a Bear

A Teddy Bear is a friend like no other.
He is a constant companion and a loyal supporter.
He listens with silent understanding,
Keeps every secret, and
is always available for a great big hug.
He is loving, kind, honorable, brave,
polite and devoted.
He is the good in all of us.
Best of all, a true bear never changes.
He is a forever friend.
Gay Talbott Boassy


There was a time in our history when everyone could hug a lonely, sick, lost or wounded child. No one thought anything but good thoughts about such matters.

But, times...they are a`changin!

And, rightly so, for the world has changed and it can be dangerous to allow strangers to grab a child and squeeze him/her. Especially an older, white-bearded, furry bear of a man like me.

As a man who worked with children and always has from day one of a more than 40 year life's "ministry" of trying to bless children - that has been a hard transition. I have always been able to hug a child who needed a hug. But today, that sort of thing could wind us bear-types in jail!

So what's a loveable ol' bear to do? Well, now I give bears ... all sorts of bears ...(and other stuffed animals when no bears are around)... as hugs for the little ones... with a message that says simply:
BEARS ANONYMOUS: You are BEARy special!

Now, here's my plea to you. Would you consider sending me a bear or two? It would REALLY help and be a blessing to some child in need of a hug. We see hundreds of such children every year - and you cannot imagine what the anonymous gift of a bear to hug means to their hearts!

We only ask that the bear be new or at least not abused! My only pledge is that the bear WILL go to a needy child... no one gets credit but an ear tag with the slogan above i.e. BEARS ANONYMOUS. That's me and you together, but only God knows ... and who else matters?

If you will share a bear, please send it to:

5502 Murphy Road
Pink Hill, NC 28572

...and thank you for sharing from the heart!

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